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除了我们的长期/无家具租赁项目, North County Property Group is committed to providing the management and booking services for 圣地亚哥财产 owners seeking to maximize their investment income through short-term or seasonal rentals of their furnished rental property.

Taking multiple bookings and dealing with the renters coming and going can be a stressful undertaking when you manage San Diego vacation rentals. 细节留给我们! We take and process professional quality photos to show off the top features and amenities of your San Diego vacation rental property.

We partner with hundreds of syndication partners to post your San Diego vacation rentals to numerous vacation rental websites and social media platforms such as VRBO, Homeaway, AirBnB, Flipkey, and Tripadvisor, YouTube and more!

All our listings are also marketed in the Sandicor MLS system to network with other brokers in San Diego, to get your property on many national Realtor branded sites and hundreds of individual agent websites.

当你和北郡的团队合作时, 你的圣地亚哥度假租赁将得到有效的推荐一个nba买球网站, 确保您的客人享受美好的假期,为您带来丰厚的回报.

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    Vacation/Seasonal rental listing with rates, availability calendar, and booking engine
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    Immediate replies to all inquiries through a branded “autoresponder” and follow up calls
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    Screening all renters to assure their desires and profile fit the identified property
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    Rent and security deposit collection, credit card payments in advance of every stay
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    Answering questions and handling maintenance requests during renter stays (24/7 answering service and property manager availability)
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    Housekeeping, maid service, and property inspections immediately following every rental stay (no charge for cleaning services to property owners)
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    Payment of monthly items at request of owners (HOA, gardeners, pool service, etc.)
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    Owner statement and direct deposit by ACH processing to your bank account by the 10th day of the month
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    Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) reports and payments to city entities as required
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NO CASH OUT OF POCKET is required to start the process with any of our programs. 只有找到合适的租客,我们才能拿到租金, 我们已经把他们搬进了这里, 房租已经收好了. 对你来说,没有预付款或启动成本.

The only exception is in cases of an owner’s contribution to pay for vendors to get your home “rent ready” in advance or if your property has limited listing time in which a start-up fee will be collected.


Our short-term rental property management fees (furnished rentals) are 25% of net rent on each rental booking. North County Property Group is also a licensed General Contractor (#892437) with our own maintenance company, “MaintenanceSync.”

在每一个可以想象的行业中,maintainesync都建立了一个首选供应商列表. This means we have vetted and trusted vendors and subcontractors that provide fantastic service, 一流的质量, 并保证为我们的业主提供最好的价格. 为了便于维护,我们对每个工作订单事件收取统一的25美元.

We are sometimes asked to do things for our clients which we consider to be outside of our property management scope of work. Examples might be searching for and finding an appraiser and meeting them at the home, 我代表业主, 为该物业的再融资目的.

无论何时何地,我们都乐意提供帮助, we find it necessary to charge for our time to complete such out of scope services, 收费为每小时50美元.


This is an age of new online marketing tools and social media to promote properties. North County Property Group leverages all methods through our exclusive 10-Point Marketing Program. 

我们通过在线租赁平台(Airbnb)让您的房产快速销售, HomeAway/VRBO, TripAdvisor, etc.), MLS, social media, 标识如果允许, 企业网络, 以及填充属性日历上的开放日期的其他操作.

我们通过在线租赁平台(Airbnb)让您的房产快速销售, HomeAway/VRBO, TripAdvisor, etc.), MLS, social media, 标识如果允许, 企业网络, 以及填充属性日历上的开放日期的其他操作.


We use a yield management tool that sets and manages property rental rates based on a dynamic algorithm that tracks supply and demand for every night of the year, 以及家庭特有的可比市场因素:特殊事件, seasonality, day of the week, etc.

For instance, Mission Beach vacation rentals will command a different rate than vacation homes in other destinations in the San Diego area, 基于夏季与米申海滩相关的需求, while vacation rentals in closer proximity to the San Diego Zoo may command a higher rate when the weather isn't as hot and the beach is slightly less desirable.

As a homeowner, this means your rates may fluctuate more significantly for upcoming confirmed rentals. 当你查看你的预订时, you may start to see reservations confirmed at rates that differ from those you may have seen in the past. 

Other factors that can influence your vacation home rent rate include whether you have features such as a pool, hot tub, 容易得到海滩, 以及其他受欢迎的度假家庭设施.

Rates for a given span in the future may also change day to day based on the algorithm powering the pricing tool. 我们为每个家庭制定了保守的最低价格规则, so you will not see prices that fall drastically below what you have seen in the past. 

In fact, 在某些时期,该工具的价格往往高于我们的预期, 尤其是在节假日和当地高需求活动期间.


为了满足当天出发/到达的需求, 遵守臭虫法, 并规范我们的清洗转弯过程, 北县地产集团提供酒店品质的床单, towels, 为你的 圣地亚哥财产 不需要你付出任何代价.

We accomplish this by adding a small surcharge/transaction fee to the rental charge to be paid by the renter on each booking. 利用我们的床单, towels, and supplies are a big cost savings for you since linens/towels have an average lifespan of about 6 months to a year in a typical rental property.


North County Property Group is so confident in our services and capabilities that we provide guarantees to our property owners to ensure their San Diego vacation rentals are protected.




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The team at North County has extensive experience managing San Diego vacation homes. 你是否拥有米申斯海滩度假屋, 拉霍亚度假租赁, 或者在圣地亚哥地区的其他地方租房.